Linux is amazing but

Yea, it's a huge BUT per se. I've been using Linux for the past few months for my daily drivers and I must say it's extremely good for programmers. I'm currently using Linux Mint and I distro hopped for a while, Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro, Fedora before finally settling down with Linux Mint using my thinkpad t530. 

Most of the languages and frameworks are well supported on linux. It's such a hassle to install Ruby/Rails on Windows but on Linux it's a breezeeeeeee. I also adopted nvim and I ditched VSCode just after a few weeks of using neovim, I still use Visual Studio IDE for .NET development tho. I don't think I can ever replace it with other IDEs or text editors whenever it comes to .NET, I have a soft spot for it. Besides, it's kind of a hassle to use Chrome with multiple profiles but I can bear with it.

But what makes Linux suck is the lacking of professional softwares for purposes like creativity, gaming. Tbh, Linux can never compete against Windows on these aspects. The reason is pretty obvious, not many games support Linux. This has been partly solved thanks to Proton but those who wanna play newly released AAA games will never, ever, use Linux for that. And as a hobby artist myself, I mainly use Clip Studio to draw and I just found that Krita and GIMP were never my cups of tea, even before I started using Linux. One of the most disappointing thing I found when using Linux is that I'll never be able to use cloud clients like OneDrive or GDrive like when I use Windows. I rely on it too much sadly.

Well, it's just a few thoughts of mine. I still love Linux tho, but it needs huge improvements in order for me to switch completely to it. Time will tell.


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