Asus Zenbook 14 OLED 2022 (UX3402) - 3 months later

So I ditched the Huawei Matebook 14 after 3 months and I haven't looked back once. Also, I'm quite lazy so I'll keep it short.


- 2 thunderbolt ports + 1 HDMI port, that means I can output 3 external displays, excluding the laptop's display. So 4 displays, plenty rooms for multitasking.

- Also with thunderbolt, I can buy a docking station to plug my peripheral devices while charging using only 1 usb-c port.

- OLED display, it's superb in everyway. Nothing much to say about how great OLED is. I usually put the brightness up to 75-80 max. That helps prevent burn-in and it's bright enough to do anything I want.

- Decent performance, I bought the i5 model. It's not too bad, I can play a few games decently with it (identity v, gta 4, fnv, skyrim, etc). Not for playing AAA games tho.

- Quite light, only 1.4kg

- The keyboard is pretty much on par with Thinkpad's

- Sleek design and a good big touchpad with gesture support

- Decent internal microphone with a very good noise cancellation.

- It comes with a sleeve bag, pretty cool tho.


- Linux support still sucks somewhat. No audio for internal speaker (however, headphones works both wired and wirelessly). The best linux distro to be used on this laptop right now seems to be openSuse Tumbleweed.

- Average battery. Not as good as what ASUS claimed it to be.

- Only 1 heat sink for heat dissipation so sometimes, it can get quite hot.

- Glued RAM. That's right, I can't upgrade its memory so I bought the 16gig model.

- 720p camera

- No camera cover.


I use it for coding works (windows + wsl and linux), drawing (clip studio paint) and some light gaming. I'd give it 8/10 overall.


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