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 So I've only been focusing on drawing the past one and a half year. I've made progress but I still need and rely on references heavily. Alas, I wish that I spent more time drawing back in the day. But oh well.

Buying a display drawing tablet and a new laptop

Last month, I decided to buy an XPPen Artist 12, sold my Acer Aspire A715 and bought a Huawei Matebook 14 that came with a Ryzen 5 processor from my coworker. Fret not! Besides the hefty amount of credit debt I have to pay each month, I think it was a good decision. Let's talk about 2 things: the drawing tablet and the laptop. First, about the tablet. I got an XPPen Deco Fun L last year and it was working fine for me, a pretty good upgrade from wacom CTL-490 I must say. However, I decided to go for a display drawing tablet just because and it was on sale too. The model I went with was XPPen Artist 12 and at the time I bought this, it cost me 6mil VND (apprx $250). I highly recommend XPPe''s products over wacom's since the quality are extremely competitive and the price isn't quite as expensive. But there are a few side notes that need mentioning. When I tried to draw slowly, I noticed the cursor wasn't centered at all after finishing a line stroke, its hotkey bu

Quick thought of Samsung Tab S6 Lite from the perspective of an amateur artist

TLDR, I think the iPad would have been a better option. When I was browsing the store, I already intended to buy the S6 Lite but I wanted to give iPad a try, plus it wouldn't hurt since the store had a demo product for me to use but not the S6 Lite. It felt really smooth and the Apple Pencil felt pretty nice when writing. But the thing that put me off is the price tag, the iPad + Apple Pencil were over my budget at the time so I went back to the S6 Lite since it has an S-pen prepackaged.  I was so excited to try drawing and taking notes on it but when I did, the feeling was ... off. There were some scritches for lack of better words when I tried to draw and that immediately turned me down. Later, when I used a Paper-Like protection screen on it, it felt way way way better. But there are also some other problems.  First and most important, the S-pen is small, it's a great device with a pretty good nib compared to Apple Pencil but it's good for taking notes only imo. When I

Happy Lunar New Year 2022!

Been on an emotional roller coaster lately. I'm happy that I survived another covid wave fully intact along with my loved ones, I even have a somewhat stable job to fund myself right now. But still, I f*cked things up pretty bad and it was my fault. Old habits die hard I guess. Unfortunately, I also caught a cold during the midst of my anxiety and I'm still having Tet holiday. Hope I won't get so much bad luck in this year haha. Damn. Anyway, New Year and Lunar New Year are for happiness and wishes. May all your wishes com true this year and may any troubles be less and blessings be more. Happy Lunar New Year ✨

Linux is amazing but

Yea, it's a huge BUT per se. I've been using Linux for the past few months for my daily drivers and I must say it's extremely good for programmers. I'm currently using Linux Mint and I distro hopped for a while, Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro, Fedora before finally settling down with Linux Mint using my thinkpad t530.  Most of the languages and frameworks are well supported on linux. It's such a hassle to install Ruby/Rails on Windows but on Linux it's a breezeeeeeee. I also adopted nvim and I ditched VSCode just after a few weeks of using neovim, I still use Visual Studio IDE for .NET development tho. I don't think I can ever replace it with other IDEs or text editors whenever it comes to .NET, I have a soft spot for it. Besides, it's kind of a hassle to use Chrome with multiple profiles but I can bear with it. But what makes Linux suck is the lacking of professional softwares for purposes like creativity, gaming. Tbh, Linux can never compete against Windows o

Arts I've made in 2021

 Totally not in order :D.  There's 1 more I did for my friend but I couldn't find it anywhere xd

Happy New Year, 2022!

A week into New Year and a lot has happened. For the past 5 months, I've been maintaining a few .NET projects for a Singapore company. Couldn't say I didn't learn anything at all, meanwhile it's relatively easy and straightforward, I encountered some weird behaviors when using old .NET projects with GitHub. Still couldn't solve the missing directives and namespaces after checking out to other branches, I swear to god old .NET framework is janky as hell. Nevertheless, I managed to pick up some new knowledge about .NET, as well as learn some new languages and frameworks. Turned out dynamic languages such as Ruby on Rails and Elixir ain't so bad at all. Functional programming really introduced a new mindset on how I program. But that doesn't mean I didn't meet any unfortunate event, in fact, I got a lot. Man, I swear I care so much about my friends that I cause stress on myself sometimes. But that's a good thing isn't it? Still, I want to meet a fri

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