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Some gibberish

I'm pretty much torn between deciding to spend time on drawing and exercise coding these days. I'd love to advance my career and expand my knowledge base but at the same time, I also want to improve my art skill. I ended up doing nothing, jokes on me, I guess 🤡.  There's a lot of thing I've been wanting to learn like low level programming (C) and other in-depth stuff like sql architecture, db optimization and indexing strategy. Aaaaahhh, there's so many things to learn. I'm also not happy with my current job (not salary wise, I think it's decent) and planning on taking a new position somewhere else.   Not to mention I have a lot of illnesses these days, damn you aging.

Leetcode problems

 An archive for my Leetcode problems I've solved. 1578. Minimum Time to Make Rope Colorful Elixir defmodule Solution do   @spec min_cost(colors :: String .t, needed_time :: [integer]) :: integer   def min_cost (colors, needed_time) do     color_graph = colors |> String .graphemes()     Enum .zip(color_graph, needed_time)     |> traverse( 0 )   end   defp traverse ([], accumulator), do: accumulator   defp traverse ([{char, time_a} | [{char, time_b} | tail]], accumulator) when time_a > time_b,     do: traverse([{char, time_a} | tail], accumulator + time_b)   defp traverse ([{char, time_a} | [{char, time_b} | tail]], accumulator) when time_a <= time_b,     do: traverse([{char, time_b} | tail], accumulator + time_a)   defp traverse ([ _ | tail], accumulator), do: traverse(tail, accumulator) end 125. Valid Palindrome Elixir defmodule Solution do   @spec is_palindrome(s :: String .t) :: boolean   def is_palindrome (s) do     regex = ~r/[ \!\@\#\%\^\&\

Things I usually have in my backpack and crossbody bag

As much as I would like to reduce my backpack's weight, it is impossible due to my current situation. First, the computer provided for my work is too underperforming, it's equipped with an intel core i5 ivy bridge, a 12-yo processor. Everytime I want to open my c# solution, it's a pain just to wait for visual studio to load all the projects within. Second, for some reason, the monitor never works for me, I try to power it up just for it to stay on for a few minutes before shutting down completely. And lastly, I have a lot of personal applications that I usually leave it open for the entire day so installing those on a work hardware just doesn't sit very well with me. So, I have to carry a lot of personal devices back and forth every day. Prescribed pills Huawei bluetooth mouse. This one is battery-powered. Highly recommended. I even use it while playing some games like Fallout new vegas, Minecraft and Identity V. Logitech MX Keys Mini. Actually, I mostly leave this at m

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