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Buying a display drawing tablet and a new laptop

Last month, I decided to buy an XPPen Artist 12, sold my Acer Aspire A715 and bought a Huawei Matebook 14 that came with a Ryzen 5 processor from my coworker. Fret not! Besides the hefty amount of credit debt I have to pay each month, I think it was a good decision. Let's talk about 2 things: the drawing tablet and the laptop. First, about the tablet. I got an XPPen Deco Fun L last year and it was working fine for me, a pretty good upgrade from wacom CTL-490 I must say. However, I decided to go for a display drawing tablet just because and it was on sale too. The model I went with was XPPen Artist 12 and at the time I bought this, it cost me 6mil VND (apprx $250). I highly recommend XPPe''s products over wacom's since the quality are extremely competitive and the price isn't quite as expensive. But there are a few side notes that need mentioning. When I tried to draw slowly, I noticed the cursor wasn't centered at all after finishing a line stroke, its hotkey bu

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