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Quick thought of Samsung Tab S6 Lite from the perspective of an amateur artist

TLDR, I think the iPad would have been a better option. When I was browsing the store, I already intended to buy the S6 Lite but I wanted to give iPad a try, plus it wouldn't hurt since the store had a demo product for me to use but not the S6 Lite. It felt really smooth and the Apple Pencil felt pretty nice when writing. But the thing that put me off is the price tag, the iPad + Apple Pencil were over my budget at the time so I went back to the S6 Lite since it has an S-pen prepackaged.  I was so excited to try drawing and taking notes on it but when I did, the feeling was ... off. There were some scritches for lack of better words when I tried to draw and that immediately turned me down. Later, when I used a Paper-Like protection screen on it, it felt way way way better. But there are also some other problems.  First and most important, the S-pen is small, it's a great device with a pretty good nib compared to Apple Pencil but it's good for taking notes only imo. When I

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